Who We Are

We at Alexanna are proud to provide our clients

with professional services with the emphasis on our core values of confidentiality, integrity, respect and trust, with an overall objective of delivering timely, accurate and useful advice.

Alexanna was established in 2009 by Peter Shewan the Managing Director. With over 20 years’ experience in senior management positions in Kenyan SME’s, he is ideally placed to himself advise SME’s in helping them optimise their resources in such a way to manage their “growth pains” and to deal with the challenges that they will inevitably face.

Alexanna, itself being an SME, has built up a team of qualified, experienced and skilled people who can guide their clients in such diverse sectors as flower farming, flower trading, retail, wind farms, tourism, recruitment and grant management.

Our Mission

  • To support and guide clients to achieve success in their business by acting as their trusted business advisors.
  • To provide quality, cost effective, personalised and innovative business solutions to meet the changing needs of our clients.
  • To empower our manpower through continuous professional development to face the dynamic global challenges.

Our Philosophy

  • We are committed to promoting high standards of discipline, excellence and ethics through adherence to the firm’s quality standards and value charter and the laws of the country and the profession.
  • We believe in recruiting and retaining sound professional and support staff and in providing training and opportunities for growth in a stimulating and enabling environment.
  • We are dedicated to maintaining a strong internal administration, thereby enabling provision of quality services and ensuring client satisfaction.
  • At Alexanna relationships are our top priority and we strongly believe that good relationships with our stakeholders are a pre-requisite to success.

Our people are dedicated to devising and implementing innovative, client-based solutions that lead to the better utilization of resources and improvement of performance and delivery.