Buying, Selling or Investing in a Business?

Whether you are a Kenyan or foreign organisation, Alexanna can help you. Our first-hand experience gained over more than 20 years will give you the advice and comfort that you need when investing in this exciting and fast growing part of the world.

Buying a Business?

If you are expanding your existing business or making a first time investment, Alexanna’s team can guide you through the process of acquisition:

  • Carrying out the essential due diligence process to evaluate the business being acquired
  • Helping you to calculate an offer and to advise through the negotiation period
  • Advise on efficient tax structures
  • In conjunction with your lawyers, advise on the contracts process
  • Post-acquisition, to assist you in putting in your own procedures and controls necessary to maximise the return on your investment
  • If required, to upgrade accounting and IT systems
  • For the foreign investor, to deal with all necessary, permits, licenses and registrations
  • To source the necessary finance

Investing in a Business?

If you are a fund or private investor looking to purchase a stake in a business, you may also appreciate the experience and local knowledge that Alexanna has built up over the years:

  • Assistance in due diligence
  • Input on valuation and deal structure
  • Advising on matters of licenses and permits
  • Identifying suitable local Board members
  • Accounting, IT and operating procedures
  • Monitoring and reporting to investors post-investment

Selling or Floating a Business?

Within the Alexanna team, we have experience of selling, in whole or in part, a business and also the regulatory and practical issues that confront a company wishing to raise capital either privately or through a public share issue:

  • Preparing the business for sale or flotation
  • Maximising valuation through good preparation and negotiation
  • Identifying the right buyer or investors
  • Guiding you through the contracts process to minimise your risk post sale
  • In the case of a public offer, to assist in the drafting of a prospectus