Giving a Loan or Grant?


If you are a lender, there are ways in which we can assist you in your investment decision and ensure the recoverability of your loan:

  • We can carry out high level or detailed due diligence on the borrower to assist you in giving your credit approval
  • We can advise on the optimum loan structure to suit both parties
  • We can assist the borrower to install the necessary controls and systems to minimise risk
  • If there are concerns about the performance of a loan, Alexanna can carry out a brief, inexpensive review of the borrower’s business to identify remedies to ensure the recoverability of the loan


Alexanna has considerable experience in assisting grant providers who are disbursing funds to NGOs in Africa. These organisations are making a vital contribution to areas such as housing, health and education. We can help Government departments or NGO’s and their advisers in the following ways:

  • Identifying the precise use of funds prior to the grant being given
  • Advising on systems and controls with in the entity receiving the grant to ensure the most efficient use of funds
  • Regular monitoring of the grantee, again to satisfy the grantor that their money is put to the best possible use